Bachelor/Master-Seminar - The Value of Privacy (IN0014, IN2107, IN4933) (Seminar)

Lecturer (assistant)
  • Jens Großklags [L]
  • Severin Engelmann
Duration2 SWS
TermSommersemester 2021
Language of instructionEnglish
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Admission information

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Students are expected to deliver a concise report and a comprehensive presentation about their findings.


What does privacy mean? What values do we address when we speak of privacy? How do these different values relate to each other? Is there a commercial value of privacy? Are privacy and security trade-offs? Overall, how can we protect the right to privacy in a digitalized society? Recently, in light of several global data breach scandals, such questions have become the subject of intense debate in the public, in academia, industry, and law. The aim of this seminar is to first explore the different conceptualizations of privacy from literature in law, sociology, philosophy, policy, and privacy enhancing technology. Second, students will review how current digital technologies, in particular, machine learning and big data methods in social media, online behavioural advertising, or intelligent personal assistants (and others) influence and shape our understanding of privacy. In order to complete the seminar successfully, students are required to prepare a presentation and, if desired, hand in an 8-10-page report.


No specific knowledge required. General interest in interdisciplinary privacy topics highly desirable.

Teaching and learning methods

See general description of IN0014 ( and IN2107

Recommended literature

Pointers to relevant literature will be provided for the individual topics. Participants are expected to identify additional relevant literature (from academic and other sources).